3 Best Android Apps to Discover Nearby Events

There are some apps that can help you to find out the events near you. Whether it’s a musical festival, an exhibition, or any certain party. You can easily get the related information with just a single click. These apps are completely free and you need to use them correctly to never miss any important event around you.

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3 Best Android Apps to Discover Nearby Events

3 Best Android Apps to Discover Nearby Events

1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is an amazing app and can work as both for event attendee and event organizer. This app can help you out to search the events near you. You can sort them by date, category, mood. It is one of the largest apps with a huge number of events.

2. All Events in City

The name of this app says all, All Events in City provides services in 30000 plus cities. Other than the sports and concert events this app will also help you out to find workshops and seminars near you. The working of this app is quite similar to Eventbrite as all the activities are sorted out in categories. You can also book a ticket and find events in which other people are interested. You can also add the location to the map and get to the location as well.

3. Facebook Local

A very unique kind of an app. Facebook Local brings all the Facebook page events into a completely separate app. As it is the Facebook application it can help you to find out the events that are created by other users. Which is making the activity pool of this app one of the largest. As it is in the early stage of development somehow it lags. But it will surely get your job done. You can also add specific events to your calendar to get notified if anything changes.

Facebook Local
Facebook Local
Developer: Facebook
Price: Free

Final Words

That was the list. You can get help from these apps and know what interesting is happening around you so can have some fun. Thank You for reading this article and don’t forget to mention your thoughts in the comment section as well.

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