3 Time-Saving Keyboard Tricks for Gboard You Should Know

It’s been a long-time using smartphones and I can say that typing on the touch screen is quite hard as compare to type on hardware keyboards. But typing on smartphone’s screen is common nowadays and for that, we cannot do anything else except to learn a few time-saving techniques that will make your typing experience much faster and fun.

If are one of them who loves to express their feeling through emojis or stickers while texting then you must check out 3 best keyboard apps for Android from the link below.

3 Best Keyboard Apps for Android – 2019

3 Time-Saving Keyboard Tricks for Gboard You Should Know

3 Time-Saving Keyboard Tricks for Gboard You Should Know

The previous name of Gboard is Google Keyboard and without any doubt, this is one of the best keyboard apps for android as it is presented by Google so there is great that your phone is using this keyboard as default in your phone.

1. Glide Typing

Glide Typing


Swiping for typing is called glide typing. Although it is not very new there are many who type one by one alphabet to create a word. In that case, swiping is quite easy as compared to typing. You just need to place on the thumb on the keyboard and swipe to the required words to create the word.

2. Text Expansion

Text Expansion

You can easily create and save your custom phrases and for that, you just need to go to the directory option in the Settings after that go to the dictionary. Tap on the + button and then create your phrase.

3. Control On-Screen Cursor

Another trick is the easy control on the screen cursor. With the help of this trick, you can easily control the position cursor. This trick will help you a lot to avoid mistakes while typing and for that, you just need to place the cursor at the accurate place to delete that mistake.

That’s it. That was the 3 best tricks that you can apply for better and quick typing. If there is any query feel free to mention that in the comment section.

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