5 Facebook Tips and Tricks on Android

Facebook Tips and Tricks on Android

Facebook is the most popular social media app used today. As you can notice a very huge number installs for this app. Almost every smartphone user has installed this app. And if you are among them then this article will be a good treat for you. As you will learn the 5 tips and tricks that you can use for Facebook on your Android phone.

Facebook Tips and Tricks on Android

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So here we go.

5 Facebook Tips and Tricks on Android

1. Manage notifications

Manage your Facebook notification by following simple steps. Go to the Settings and click on Settings and Privacy and under the Notification option click on Notifications and Settings. There you can easily turn on and off notifications for specific things such as birthdays, friend requests etc.


2. Turn off notifications for specific posts

If you don’t want to see any particular post you can easily turn that off. All you need to do is tap on 3 dots on the post whose you want to mute notifications. Now select option Turn Off Notifications for this post.

Turn off notifications for specific posts

3. Video Autoplay

Want to stop auto playing of videos? Then follow the procedure by going Settings of Facebook and tap on Data Server. Toggle it on and then off and you will never see a video playing automatically.

Video Autoplay on facebook

4. Customize your news feed

You can make customization for your news feed as you like. And for that you just need to go to News Feed Preferences from Facebook Settings. There you can easily manage different things such as following people, hiding specific posts, prioritizing posts etc.

Customize your news feed on facebook

5. Turn Face recognition on or off

A feature that allows you to get notified when your photo is posted on Facebook even if you are not tagged. This is great way to deal with fake profiles on Facebook. But due to recent allegations against Facebook it is quite hard to believe Facebook. There is a way that you can use to turn on and off this feature by following just simple steps. Go to Facebook Settings and there you will find option Control Face Recognition under Privacy header.

face recognition on facebook

That’s it, these are the simple and easy tips and tricks that you can apply to your Facebook account. As these tricks will surely help you out to manage your Facebook account. If you feel any problem with the steps feel free to mention that in comment section. We would love to help you out.

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