5 Google Maps Tips and Tricks 

Google Map is gradually incorporating into our daily life. Either for your daily commute to work, planning trips, or finding the near restaurant. Google map is always available to help you out. Today you can find the 10 best Google Map tips and tricks that will help you to turn into a power user.

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Before heading towards the steps make sure your device is connected to the internet connection.

5 Google Maps Tips and Tricks 


1. Save Your Home and Work addresses

Open Google Maps then click on the three parallel lines (hamburger icon) it will open the overlay menu. Click on Your places and under the section of Labelled, you will notice two entries Home and Work. Enter the addresses in the fields. This can help you out to easily navigate by just clicking on these options.

Save Your Home and Work addresses

2. Make Maps Available Offline

Open Maps, long press on any space and a red pin will appear. To download just swipe up to the menu. Keep this thing in mind that to cover the offline area it will at least take storage of 100MB.

Make Maps Available Offline

Note: Not all the areas in google maps are downloadable.

3. Save Places in Google Maps

Drop a pin by long pressing on any location of the map. Swipe up to the menu and then select Save. Now select the list of choice or create another one. In this way, you can manage all the places your places section in the hamburger menu.

Save Places in Google Maps

4. Search nearby places

Tap on the blank search bar and also open the small menu that will allow you to search the nearby restaurants, ATMs and petrol stations. Various other options will show up if you tap on more. You can also search the route while traveling.

Search nearby places

5. Quick Navigation

At the bottom right corner tap on the blue button then select the starting point, destination and mode of transport. You can set the date and time as well for the quick navigation.

That was some simple tips that you can apply on Google Maps to use it more efficiently. If there is anything missing feel free to mention that in the comment section.

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