5 Must-Have Firefox Extensions for Android

Firefox is quite a popular web browser used in smartphones and on desktop devices. Recently you might notice that on Android, Firefox has a new layout. Because of the new Photon User Interface and the amazing thing about Firefox is always the extensions. Today we will be sharing with the best 5 Firefox extensions that you must have used in Android.

5 Must-Have Firefox Extensions for Android

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1. Google Search Fixer

Gecko is the browser engine, used by the Firefox instead of blink that all other browsers use on Android. Google Search Fixer extension overrides the string of user agent to the pages of Google Search. Which eventually receive the search results shown in chrome.

2. Ghostery

If you are concern about your privacy then you must add this extension. Ghostery lets you view and easily block the trackers on different websites that you browse. You can also block the ads and speed up the page loading time as well.

3. Adblock Plus

Who likes ad? Obviously, no one. But I think it depends on the user choose whether he/she wants to see ads or not. But if you don’t like then you can simply block them with the help of this extension.

4. Simple Night Mode for Quantum

If you frequently browse websites at night they may be the brightness of the screen is too high for you. You can simply switch to night mode by adding this extension in Firefox.

5. SaveFrom.net helper all-in-1 / youtube downloader

Most people use dedicated apps to download youtube videos. Although youtube has a feature now to save the videos to watch offline. But if you use Firefox that you don’t need to any other third-party apps. You need to add this extension to download the youtube videos. You will see a download button tap on it and select the quality. It will start the downloading.

That’s it. I hope you will this list of must-have Firefox extensions for Android and lastly don’t forget to mention in your thoughts about Firefox extension in the comment section as well.

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