5 Types of Android Apps You Should Stop Using Right Now

There are certain apps which slows down the working of your android device. As many of the android phones are running on Nougat and Marshmallow. There was a time when these apps were quite useful. When phones were running on KitKat OS but now, they are harmful rather than useful.

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5 Types of Android Apps You Should Stop Using Right Now

5 Types of Android Apps You Should Stop Using Right Now

Below is the list of those apps that you should avoid using on your Android devices.

1. Battery Saver Apps

RAM Clearing Apps

All the battery saver apps available on Google Play Store are useless you know why? Because they are not doing what they are saying. However, as they run in the background by resulting to consume your phone’s battery and RAM even more.

2. RAM Clearing Apps

RAM Clearing Apps

These RAM clearing apps are also useless. They also run on the background and affect the RAM and your phone’s battery performance. You don’t need to use these apps as Android itself is quite efficient in managing all the apps.

3. Cleaner Apps

Cleaner Apps

The purpose of a cleaner app is to clean the cache. And it is quite beneficial if you do this only one time in a month. But the important thing here is the choice of app. There are many apps available in Google Play Store but not all are good enough to use. Our recommended app is CCleaner that will do you work nicely and completely free to use.

4. Antivirus Apps

 Antivirus Apps

The antivirus apps are completely useless if you don’t download apps other than Google Play Store. These are useful if you download apps from external links which are not secure. Therefore, these apps will simply the phone’s RAM and battery by running in the background.

5. Bloatware


There are various types of Bloatware apps and certainly, you cannot uninstall all of them. But you can easily disable and for that, you just need to follow some simple steps.

App Drawer => Settings => Apps => 3 Dots => Show System => Bloatware App => Disable/Uninstall.

That’s it. These are the apps that you should avoid using for your phone’s better performance. If there is anything missing or any query regarding the apps feel free to mention that in the comment section.

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