5 WhatsApp Tips – Use WhatsApp Like a Pro

WhatsApp is an amazing messaging service app and quite popular that it does not need any introduction. And today you will find out the 5 tips and tricks for WhatsApp to use this app like a pro.

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5 WhatsApp Tips – Use WhatsApp Like a Pro

5 WhatsApp Tips – Use WhatsApp Like a Pro


1. Make Your Text Bold, Italicized, Monospace or Strikethrough

Log press the chat, you will see an option at the top click on the first icon (from left). Now enter any text in the chat and long press and click the 3-dot option you will see an option to bold, italic, monospace or strikethrough the text.

2. Move Chat History to Another Phone

You can easily create the backup of your chat to google drive and for that go to Settings => Chats => Chat Backup. Then tap on Back up to Google Drive. Select the time interval and when you install WhatsApp on another phone then you just to select google drive to restore the chats.

3. Hide Individual WhatsApp Chats from the Conversation List

If you don’t want to delete the chat and don’t want that to show up in the chat list as well. Then you can simply hide it by just long pressing on chat and clicking on the archive option from the list. You can easily view the archived chat by clicking on the archive chats option from the bottom.

4. Blocked by Someone?

There are several ways to check if you blocked by someone or not such as

  • Last Seen:  If there is no last seen showing then probably you are blocked.
  • Double check and Blue ticks: If the double check mark appears after sending the text. It means you are not blocked. If it is single marked then probably you are blocked.
  • You can also call them to check whether you are blocked or not. If your call is not going then it’s a powerful sign that you are probably blocked.

5. Stop WhatsApp Images and Videos from Appearing in the Gallery

Open file manager of your phone, then go to internal storage => WhatsApp => Media.

Rename WhatsApp Images => .WhatsApp Images

WhatsApp Video =>  .WhatsApp Video

This trick will hide the content from the gallery but you can still view the content through file manager app.

That’s it. These were the simple tricks that you can use on WhatsApp to use this amazing app more efficiently. If there is any query feel free to mention that in the comment section. We would love to help you out.

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