Download Rockchip Batch Tool (All Version)

Right now, I will direct you to download Rockchip Batch Tool and flash stock firmware using it. The Rockchip batch tool is a product created by Fuzhou Rockchip Inc. It is basically a flash tool that empowers you to flash stock framework firmware. Indeed, even in the event of glitches like boot circle, Rockchip Batch Tool Works fine and dandy. The Rockchip batch program is a chipset subordinate and is intended to work just with specific equipment.

We have given you the download link to all versions of the Rockchip Batch Tool. Additionally, you can discover the installation steps for USB drivers and firmware. Above all else, how about we investigate what are the highlights of the Rockchip Batch Tool.


  • The Rockchip tool underpins different phones and tablets. However, the device should run on the Rockchip processor. That is the primary similarity issue.
  • The Rockchip batch tool accompanies buttons and symbols making it easy to use interface.
  • It underpins various language programs as indicated by the users.
  • This tool allows the connection of numerous devices one after another. For different device connected to the PC, there is a different devoted box which changes shading upon connection.
  • The Rockchip batch tool the framework segment on them simultaneously. Ensure, you have USB drivers installed for every device.

How To Install RockChip Batch Tool and Flash Firmware

Right now, I have incorporated the rules to install the Rockchip Tool, the drivers and flashing the stock firmware. However, you need to follow a few rules which incorporate a few tools that you should have so as to play out the different installations.


  • Rockchip Batch Tool v1.5 (works under Windows OS)
  • Firmware picture file
  • The smartphone must be running on a Rockchip processor.
  • A PC/Laptop
  • A USB link


Steps To installation Rockchip Batch Tool:

  1. Remove the Batch Tool (further RBT) from the file (the file likewise contains all the important drivers!).
  2. Extract the downloaded firmware picture.
  3. Run RBT and open the picture with it.

If the procedure is done well, you will see the fields with data about the firmware version, Android OS.

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How To Install USB drivers on the Device

  1. Switch off your device
  2. Using the USB link, connect the device to your PC/laptop.
  3. Press the volume button and keeping in mind that it remains squeezed, press the force button.
  4. When the framework perceives the new device, discharge the buttons.
  5. As the framework prompts you for the drivers, select the “Drivers” folder to get it installed.

You will see that, after effectively finishing the system, one of the RBT fields will change shading from dark to green.

Steps To Manually Install New firmware On the Device

  1. Connect your device to the PC using the USB link.
  2. In the tool, subsequent to connecting the device, click the “Update” button.
    • The greenfield will change to orange content which will show the firmware of each piece of the device. This implies the stock firmware is installed on the device
  3. If done effectively, you will see the accompanying message: Update finished <d> Fail (0) Time <d> ms
    • Here of <d> alludes to quantities of time.
  4. After the installation wraps up, the device will automatically turn on. you may likewise turn on the device manually by pushing down the force button.
  5. Along these lines, that is it, folks. Now you can without much of a stretch download this tool and install the USB drivers and flash the stock firmware on your device too.

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