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Smart Phone Upgrade Tool is a Windows-based application made by Qualcomm Mobility LLC, which permits you to install stock or custom firmware on your Qualcomm based android devices. Here, we have given all forms of this tool. Download Smart Phone Upgrade Tool from here, install it in your PC and flash stock or custom ROM firmware effectively on your device.

If you are a beginner to Android advancement and might want to flash stock firmware on your Qualcomm smartphone or tablet, the SmartPhone upgrade tool is the best choice for you.

Smart Phone Upgrade Tool Features:

1) Supports All Version Of Windows: This tool underpins all adaptation of Windows working framework i.e., you can use the smartphone upgrade tool on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 based PCs.

2) One-Click Installation: The smartphone upgrade tool arrives in a straightforward arrangement file i.e., just by clicking on the Smart Phone Upgrade Tool.exe file, you will have the option to install the application in your PC.

3) Simple UI: The user interface of this tool is really basic and even a beginner can use this tool for flashing stock or custom firmware on their Qualcomm based Android device.

4) Refresh Port: The smartphone upgrade tool accompanies a “Revive Port” button. Which will empower to invigorate the Android devices connected to your PC without stopping and restarting the tool.

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Points  To Remember:

1) Smart Phone Upgrade Tool is a Windows-based flashing Tool. Thus, don’t give installing this tool a shot Linux or Max based PCs.

2) This tool bolsters just Qualcomm smartphones and tablets. Along these lines, don’t give this tool for installing Firmware a shot different devices.

3) This tool is made by Qualcomm Mobility LLC. Thus, all credits must go to them.

Download Smart Phone Upgrade Tool:

Smart Phone Upgrade Tool v1.5.3 – Latest Version

Smart Phone Upgrade Tool v1.5.1

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