Find People on Snapchat without Username – SnapCode Yubo

Find People on Snapchat without Username – SnapCode Yubo

Find People on Snapchat without Username – SnapCode Yubo

Now you can find people on Snapchat without knowing their username or even their phone number. Whenever you set a profile on any social media platform. The first thing that you need do is to find the friends that you can add. If you are new to snapchat then you will notice that the easiest way to find people on snapchat is to type their names on the search bar but what would you do if you don’t know the usernames? And for that, we are here to share with you the two methods that you can use to find friends on snapchat if you don’t know their usernames.

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Below you can find the two methods to search for friends on snapchat without knowing the usernames.

Method 1: Through Yubo App

Firstly, you need to install the Yubo App from the Google Play Store and then register your phone number. Tap on send confirmation code.

  • You will receive a code, enter the code and tap on Continue.
  • Fill the fields with your information and then at the bottom tap on an arrow.
  • You need to add your picture as well. It is a necessary step and to proceed further tap on an arrow.
  • After this process, the app will search for profiles and will show a user if you are interested in that profile you just need to swipe right and that means you liked their profile.

Method 2: Through SnapCode

  • You need to ask your friends to send their SnapCode and save those codes in the camera roll
  • Now open the snapchat app and click on Add Friends
  • Select the SnapCode from your camera roll and add that person as your friend.

That’s it. Now you learned two methods to add friends on snapchat without knowing their usernames. If there is any query feel free to mention that in the comment section.

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