How to Add Blur Effect in Pictures on Android

How to Add Blur Effect in Pictures on Android

If there a picture that you really like but there is something really bad that you want to cut or blur that out. Or you just want to add the blur effect to the pictures for a cool effect. If you are looking for such kind of apps then you are landed at the right place. As we are going to share with you the best free 5 apps that you can use to add the blur effect to your pictures. You can try them out.

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Note: The below list of Apps is mentioned without any preference. You can choose the one as per you like.

5 Apps to Add Blur Effect in Pictures on Android

1. After Focus

This is an amazing App that you can use add the blur effect in the existing picture from your gallery. You can also take a new photo from your phone’s camera App. It has two modes.

Smart mode: lets you select the portion that needs to be blurred by drawing with your finger.

Manual mode: lets you draw by rubbing with your finger the area that you want to blur.

Developer: MotionOne
Price: Free

2. LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects

It is a very popular photo editing App in Google Play Store. It is not just an app whose function is to blur a picture. But a full-fledged camera App with a lot of tools, effects, and filters.

3. PicsArt

This is one of the best photo editing apps that you can find on Google Play Store. PicsArt is quite complicated to use, but it is filled with a lot of amazing features that are worth to try for once.

4. Cymera

As the name suggests, Cymera is not only to blur images it is a full-fledged camera App. This App has a lot of amazing features for you to use other than the blur effect.

5. Lens Blur

If you want an easy to add blur effect then this app is amazing for you to have on your Android phone. You just need to tap on the photo where you want the focus the rest will be handled by the App.

Lens Blur
Lens Blur
Developer: Isara Inc
Price: Free

That was the list. If there is anything that needs to mention in the list. Feel free to mention that in the comment section.

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