How to Add Text Captions on WhatsApp Stickers

How to Add Text Captions on WhatsApp Stickers

Add Text Captions on WhatsApp Stickers

In our previous post, we shared with you a guide for adding stickers in WhatsApp and today we are continuing that topic by sharing with you the procedure to add caption/text on those stickers. You will notice various sticker packs in the Google Play Store. Some are quite good and some are not at all. However, using pre-made stickers is quite easy and fun. But sometimes you fail to find the right sticker at the right moment. Most of the sticker packs in the Google play store have a few collections that you can select from. In that case, you can add text or caption to the existing stickers.

You can easily add text to the existing stickers and share with your friends through the WhatsApp stickers. If you are more creative then let see how you can add the text on the stickers. There are several pre-made stickers available on which you can add text as these stickers are very in and used by millions of users nowadays. Stickers are mostly used to express your mood and things that you cannot express by words.

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How to Add Text Captions on WhatsApp Stickers

Adding text on stickers is quite an easy thing and to do that you just need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Download the App Sticker Packs For Whatsapp from the Google Play Store and install it.
  • Open the app and on to top right tap on add icon.
  • After that, you will be editing mode.
  • Then tap on the sticker icon in the field name Enter Sticker Text.
  • There you will see sticker categories to add your text to. You just need to select the sticker, add the text and then adjust the size by pinching in and out.
  • Tap on the field named Enter Sticker Text and type the text you want to add.
  • The entered text will be converted to various styles and fonts. Just pick the one that you want.

Note: You can use the pencil tool as well to adjust the text size.

That’ it. Feel free to mention your thoughts in the comment section as well.

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