How to Change Google Assistant’s Voice

How to Change Google Assistant’s Voice

How to Change Google Assistant’s Voice

This article will teach you to change the Google Assistant voice between a variety of options. The newly added feature through which you can change the standard voice to the voice of your Google assistant. The developer of google has added the new ability that you can use to the Google assistant voice easily. For example, you might want a different male voice who speak back to you or a female voice.

For now, you have a number of 8 options that you choose from and each voice is entirely different from the other ones. If you like to change things again and again then this might be very helpful to you.

This is not quite new actually, October 2017, was the time when google added the male on the standard female one and at that time there were only two voices to select from. We expect this to expand more in near future.

Google is now heading towards the new technology named Wavenet. Which users can use to stimulate the complete vocabulary in less amount of time spent. So how you can change the voice, let me explain you that in simple steps.

It depends upon the version that your android is using, you might not be having all of the new voices. Nevertheless, you will have the choice to choose from male or female voice.

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How to Change Google Assistant’s Voice – Male or Female

Step 1: On your smartphone open Google Assistant.

Step 2: After opening the Google Assistant, say “Change Voice” and you will see options appears on the screen.

Step 3: Select “Voice Settings” from the list of options.

Step 4: You will see voice options in different colors. Select the color to change the voice.

That’s all you required to change the voice. If you still face any problem don’t hesitate to mention that in comment section.

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