How to Disable Gmail Conversation View for Android Devices

In Gmail, when the option for conversation view is ON. Then the emails of the same topics are saved in groups for easy management. But sometimes this grouping creates confusion if you want to move or delete specific emails. If you don’t like this arrangement then you can easily disable this option and when you disable this option it will display all the emails separately and in chronological order as well.

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How to Disable Gmail Conversation View for Android Devices

How to Turn Off Gmail Conversation View for Android Devices

The look of Gmail is refreshed for Android and iOS now. It is updated with a unique feature to turn off the conversation view. Making it easy for you to find out your required email rather than digging into the whole conversation as you do before. The good thing is now users can disable this option and choose between the updated layout or sticking to the default one. As Gmail on Desktop and mobile is synchronized so if you disable this option on your phone it will apply to your desktop Gmail as well.

Steps to Disable Gmail Conversation View (For Android)

Follow the steps mentioned below to turn off the option of conversation view on your android phone.

  1. Open Gmail app.
  2. At top right, go to the menu and click on Settings which will be at the bottom.



  1. Select General Settings.


  1. In General Settings options look for Conversation View.

gmail settings

  1. Uncheck the Conversation view option and you are done.

You finally learned the guide to Turn Off Gmail Conversation View for Android Devices. If there is any query feel free to mention that in the comment section.

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