How to Identify Fake Apps on Google PlayStore

How to Identify Fake Apps on Google PlayStore

Google play store is one shop place to have all the apps, games or e-book on your android phones and if you are using the android phone you can access the entire Google Play Store through the play store app. But there are many fake apps available on Play store that creates a real problem. People had created the design that somehow looks exactly like the popular apps, often using the similar icon or even name to trick the users and if you download such kind of app your device will be bombarded with tons of useless ads or even malware. This issue got attention when the fake WhatsApp app was downloaded by more than million people in the last year and also the faux VLC app last week. So to avoid these kind of apps you need our guide lines mentioned below.

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Google took remedial steps to remove the faux VLC app and it was finally taken down recently. This Fake WhatsApp becomes the most successful App with out any argue which was quite hard to distinguish this app from the real one. The company tried their best to make it look like to the real WhatsApp app by placing special character at the end of the developer name which made it to look more like WhatsApp Inc. but it was technically different because of the white space at the end of the name.

How to Identify Fake Apps on Google PlayStore

So, the important thing here is, no matter how much you take car of you device and your data and regardless of the steps that Google Play store takes to protect you privacy there is a certain percentage of these kind of apps finding the way in the play store app.

  • If you search for the app in the play store, you need to take a few seconds to look for all the entries especially if you are seeing many icons of the same appearance.
  • Take a closer look at the App and the Developer name, In case of fake apps the name of developer will be identical but the name of the app should raise red flag for example the fake SwiftKey app was named as Swift Keyboard tricking the people for real application.
  • Make sure to check the download number.
  • Also take time to briefly read the description and check the screenshots as well. If you can’t get enough hint from the other things, description can be sometime an important thing to give valuable details about the app. As, if the writing is not clear or written in broken English then if should definitely raise the red flag.
  • After going through all the information mentioned above lastly, check the reviews of the app. Although, fake apps will have some fake reviews but going through all of the reviews you will definitely find some legitimate reviews about the app. If the app is  fake, you will definitely find some one who has called it out.

These are the simple steps that you can  use to find out about the fake apps in the play store to protect your device and data from the scams and frauds. Do let us know your thoughts about fake apps in comment section.

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