How To Remove or Hide Notch on Realme 2 Pro

How to Remove or Hide Notch on Realme 2 Pro

How to Remove or Hide Notch on Realme 2 Pro

Today you will learn how to remove the notch from Realme 2 pro phone. A year back there was a very significant way for the very large rectangular notches to start. For the improvement in design, size is being reduced. Recently we observed that the brands started to adopt this drop-in size approach which is approximately the size of the module of front camera.

We think this approach is quite pleasing as compare to the former boxed shaped notch. Although if you are not a very big fan of notch you can easily hide the notch by following steps mentioned below.

Phones have a built-in option to display or hide the notch but ColorOS, the skin of Realme 2 is not having this functionality. However, we have a solution for you which will definitely work.

To hide the notch, you are required to use an app called Nacho Notch that is available for free in Google Play Store.

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Hide Notch on Realme 2 Pro

As there is no option available in the setting to Realme 2 pro phone to hide the notch. You can simple use the nacho notch app which will surely give you the same output.

Complete steps are given below.

Step 1: First download the Nacho Notch app from Google Play Store.

Step 2: You will notice the app running in the background. So, grant the permissions.

Step 3: Use the feature named Hide Notch, by pulling the notification panel down and tap on the edit button.

NOTE: Some smartphones will show you a gear icon or something like that to represent editing.

Step 4:  To the active panel of toggles Drag the Hide Notch Toggle and tap on toggle it will remove the notch.

Step 5: The black border implemented by the Nacho Notch app are somehow not round. To enable it, find the Nacho Notch app shortcut and tap on it and slide the Enable Rounded Corners slider option.

That’s all you need to hide the notch. However, if you still face any issue feel free to mention that in comment section.

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