How to Turn Off Developer Options on Android Devices

How to Turn Off Developer Options on Android Devices

Android is an open source operating system that provides a more open environment for developers and for users as well. Google provides a dedicated SDK for all the android users that is compensated with a number of took kits available for developers and ADB and Fasboost are the most known tools among the list that is regularly used by the Android users.

Developer Options

What’s Developer options?

All Android devices comes with the built in Developer options that you can easily find in the settings option. Developer options are pretty useful in various situation like:

  • You can enable debugging by the USB connection
  • Easily capture the bug reports and also show CPU usage
  • Show debugging information on screen
  • Several options to simulate app stresses and enabling debugging options.

Among various options, USB debugging is one of the most used and you enabled this option it will prepare your device to communicate with your computer.

Turn Off Developer Options on Android Device

Method 1: Turn Off Developer Options through Settings

  1. Go to the Settings of your device.
  2. look for Apps or Applications and tap on it.
  3. Then select Show all apps.
  4. Scroll for Settings app and tap on it.
  5. Tap on Storage and then on Clear data.
  6. Now you can check by going back to the Settings and there you will not see Developer options any more.

Method 2: Turn Off Developer Options through Device Reset

This method will wipe out all the data and installed app on your device but this will not delete the data stored on external SD card. This method will work on all Android devices and tablets.

  1. If you own a Samsung device, Go to Settings of your Android Phone=> General Management => Reset => Factory Reset.
  2. If you own a OnePlus device, Go to Settings => System => Reset Options => Erase All data => Reset Phone.
  3. You can find  Factory Reset option in Settings on all Android devices in the settings option but the exact location might differ.
  4. When you are done with factory reset, your phone will reboot.
  5. Now go to Settings and check you not see Developer Options any more.

That’s it. You can try the methods mentioned above and do let us know in comment section which method works for you.

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